Amazon Alexa response

Alexa replies camera not responding within one second.

Hi @my_business, thanks for joining in Vacos community :slight_smile: This is Tim from Vacos support team.
This connection issue between Vacos Cam and Alexa was reported previously by some users from the UK, while it seems users from the US may meet the same issue now.
We are working on the solution to this issue, and it will be helpful if I could know your location.
By the way, kindly also check if your Vacos camera and Alexa device are connected to the Internet.

Hi Tim
Yes works on mobile on 3g with wifi off.

Hi @my_business
Thanks for the information. By the way, are you live in the UK or the US? We need this info as well to review the case accordingly.

I was able to sync the Vacos Cam with #Alexa, as shown in the following video
Iā€™m located in Ireland :ireland: (Amazon UK)

However the camera cannot be streamed in the FireTV

Thanks @ndabar for your feedback :slight_smile:
Currently, we believe there is a problem issue on the Vacos software and are working on a solution. Please lend us some time, thanks.

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