Any methods of seeing the recordings from a laptop?

are there any other methods for seeing the recordings (cloud and / or device) except the app?
I still have lots of issues when trying to see the recordings in the app (either crash, no recordings available, or stuck at 83-97%) for both device and cloud.

Hi @amaximciuc,

Currently, the recordings (cloud and device) can only be watched via the Vacos app.

The problem in seeing cloud video is not a unique issue so we are checking on our side. Please make sure you have enabled the 90-day free trial so that won’t be the cause. (The cloud subscription status can be checked on the Subscribe page: Main screen–3-line icon–Subscribe. Below picture as an example)

Regarding the device video (on local storage), when the loading failed, please return to live video screen and come back (to wake up the camera) to have a try.

@amaximciuc, yes it’s not the best feature right now. However, if you are able to save the files to your phone, you can always send/share them with your laptop. For having, high resolution copy the file with the USB instead of sending them via bluetooth or AirPod. Bluetooth or AirPod use to compress the media.

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I also would be interested in a Windows version of the Vacos app.

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Hi Robert,
For battery concern, we haven’t think about the computer access to the camera yet.
May I know why you would like a Windows version of Vacos app? I will report your demand to our engineer for assessment.

Tim, you need a Windows version of the Vacos app, because you can not compete with Nest unless you have one. I can view my Nest Outdoor Camera activations on my Windows laptop.

I already have the paid subscription but still, errors out many times ( thou there were isolated cases when it worked).
the device playback – yeah, it seems to be working with the steps you described… but sometimes it needs 3-4 retries. still, works, and that ok. ( would be better to work from the first time but hopefully it’ll be this way in the near future).

mhhh, copying from the USB… how do I do that?
I didn’t have any success; tried with a windows laptop and 3 different cables – no luck, can’t see the device.

Copying from your phone using the USB cable, not directly from the camera.

# How to export 1080P videos from Vacos Cam

  1. For live video : Please tap the ‘SD’ icon on the live video, choose ‘VHD’ ( or ‘HD’ in the latest app version) to get the 1080P live stream. Then you can tap on the manual recording icon to record in 1080P, the manual record again to stop it.

After the manual record, you can find the videos in this way:
main screen of the app–three-line icon–My File. Open the videos, tap 'Save to Album ’.

  1. For videos on local storage (EMMC storage) and cloud storage : Please tap manual record when playback a video to re-record it. Same methods to save them on your phone storage.

Last but not least : Please avoid the videos being compressed during transfer.
One suggestion is to transfer the videos from your phone to your PC via USB connection.
<Transfer photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch>
<Import photos and videos from an Android phone to PC>
Note: The method may vary on different Android devices. You may need to search the method online based on your Android device model.

The playback issue of cloud video is still under repair. Please lend us more time on it. Applogize for the inconvenience caused.

I see. Is it possible that I know the model of your Nest camera to compare them further?


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Thanks for the link. But I seems not find any descritpion about the computer access for this camera. Maybe it’s a tablet instead of laptop/computer?

Attached is a picture of the Nest App that is installed on my Windows 7 laptop computer

Hi Robert,
Okay, I finally found the related information, thanks!
During the review, we found the Nest Cam Outdoor is powered by adpater (5 V DC 1.0 A).
Which means the camera will have no limit on power consupmtion, not like a battery-powered camera.
One of the concerns on computer access to Vacos camera is, that it requires the camera to be awaken during the access, and the access time is usually longer than app access (this will cost the power more than expected and be a minus point to the battery circle).
Hope this make sense?

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This is a great feature of the Nest camera, which is a Google product well integrated with the Google services having a Web app.
I would not say that you need to have a Windows/Mac/Linux app, instead of that I rather prefer to have a browser choice and have the ONVIF port open for the end users (admin user). That will allow you to link this camera to other camera apps that support such port protocol or even to add your camera to an existing security system (NVR, DVR, etc).

Tim, it makes sense as far as battery drain, but you have the same problem with the cell phone app. So when are the solar panels going to be shipped?

Sure sounds good to me! Anything that allows a bigger screen for viewing than a tiny 4 X 2.5 cell phone screen IS A PLUS! IMO cell phones are the worst things ever invented. They are NOT a phone, they are NOT high fidelity, and they are NOT a computer. They are NOT ergonomically designed! My fingers are too big for the key pad, and everytime I try to use it I screw up my volume levels.

heheh sometimes it happens yes! :joy: