Baby monitor dont work

I bought the device a month ago. worked fine for 3 weeks. one day it stopped working. now the camera cannot be paired. pair fail message. support ignores my requests. what else can i do? how to fix it?

Hello @Barach , welcome to Vacos community :slight_smile:
Our tech support agent is following up with the case by email, please see the below screenshot.
Could you please reply to the email to get further assistance?

I have having the exact same issue. Please let me know if you ever figure out a solution. This is incredibly frustrating as I would like to know my child will be monitored while I am out of town.

Hello @Andrea_Cripps , welcome to Vacos community :slight_smile:
Could you try the option ‘Pairing’ on the monitor, see if the camera nearby and is connected to power can be found and pair again?
If it still won’t work, kindly contact Vacos support team at this email for further assistance.

Did you ever get it solved. I Have the same problem. Haven’t heard back fro Tech Support.