Baby monitor problems

I bought a Vacos baby monitor and I have numerous challenges with this as well as some feedback. It appears that there are some fundamental design or QA flaws in the product and I am hoping that these can be fixed with a firmware update else I have concerns over the quality of this product.


  • Monitor Sleep Mode
    • Audio doesn’t stop - The monitor sleep timer initiates but the audio continues in the background. This is the same when I press the power/sleep button, the audio stays on. Is this by design or an issue with my device? If this is by design then this is a poor design decision. I expect both the audio AND monitor to go in to sleep mode. What is the point of VOX if the audio doesn’t turn off?
    • Monitor dims – Enabling sleep mode causes the monitor to dim at all times during normal operation. When it is set to “off” the monitor is in normal bright mode.
    • Alert Volume – Disabling alerts should not be a central option, you should not have to have it on for all or off for all, you should be able to disable it per alert type. Why would I want to have an alarm go off in the middle of the night to tell me that VOX has initiated? I know that as the monitor turns on and I can hear a baby crying. This just causes panic.
  • Firmware update – How do I update this and where is the firmware? I assumed that I have a code issue and a firmware update will help fix this but I cannot find how to do this
    • Current monitor firmware = A53-EDF-C-V0.01-210813
    • Current camera firmware = A531B- V0.01-210727

Thanks for your help.

Hello @nope Welcome to the community.

Audio doesn’t stop - The device is supposed to have audio on for the audio related functions to work. To review the issue better, please send a short video of this issue to our support team
Monitor dims – Kindly provide a short video about this issue and we will review it better and help accordingly. please also mention this when contacting our support team by email.
Alert Volume – This requested has been noted. Our engineer team will discuss it for the next firmware update.
Firmware update – To check and obtain new firmware when available, please contact our support team by email

Audio doesn’t stop - I don’t need to send a video to explain this, the audio feed NEVER stops, even when the monitor sleeps. You can hear every single noise the baby makes which is the whole reason parents move them to another room. I have used multiple other monitors and none do this, does not make sense and is a design flaw IMO. We now have to turn the volume totally off and leave our door open so we can hear when the baby cries, this is totally pointless and makes the product useless. If this is deliberate by design then I will have to mention this in my review to provide guidance to other parents.
Monitor dims – Will send video. Basically, if you enable sleep mode the monitor is always dim when it is on. If you set sleep mode to “off” the monitor is in normal bright mode all the time.
Firmware update – Can I ask why a consumer needs to contact support simply to obtain firmware? This seems crazy and not what a consumer should have to do IMO. All other monitors I have used have everything online and provide clear guidance on how to update firmware.

So far, this Vacos product seems far behind other products in a similar price range and is still in a beta testing phase. If I had know that these fundamental features were lacking, I would not have bought this product.

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I’d also like to update the firmware or at least I’d like to know where to get it from (online resource preferred). When it gets darker, the camera switches to IR, then back to normal camerea, back to IR etc. This happens for a couple of minutes about every 10s. I assume there will be a threshold in a newer firmware version, that only switches back, in case the threshold is reached to prevent the switching back and forth every other second for like 15-20 minutes.

So, could you let me know, where I can get a newer firmware online and/or add the email aof this user account to your mailing list for firmware updates on the baby monitor?

Thx in advance