Battery life query

Can you remind me how long the battery is meant to last on a full charge? I thought it was meant to be months… but looks like it’ll be about a week. Maybe a longer initial charge is required but there wasn’t any detail in the manual. Hoping the solar panel is coming soon…

According to the campaign it was up to 6 months, which is why I didn’t buy a solar panel. Realistically, it depends how much traffic you have as it will come out of sleep mode to record video, and also how much you connect and view live video.

Anyone else?

Hi @um5000 um5000 and @rcworship,
The 6-month battery circle is based on about 20 activating/recording per day. The false activating/recording (especially at night with the spotlight) will cost a lot of power. We are still working on the improvement of PIR and AI detection. As a workaround, we can set the PIR to the lowest sensitivity, and avoid objects with heat to show in the camera view.

I have not been able to get more than a couple of hours!

I finally discovered why my warm lights stay illuminated at night. I had been leaving my cell phone running the Vacos App in live view mode. When you do the warm lights remain illuminated and drain the battery. Last night I closed the app and will now see how long the battery lasts doing that. Vacos definitely needs to add a switch to turn the warm lights off/on.

Hi Robert,
When users try to see the live view on the app, the spotlights on camera will turn on to provide a clear camera view. But this is not supposed to work for a long time, as Vacos camera is battery-based and not able to provide constant live feed like wired camera system. I do agree to add a toggle switch for the warm lights and already reported this to our engineer.

Tim, are you telling me my camera is staying on because I have it connected to a power cell, or that there something wrong with my camera, because the warm lights stay on?

No, I mean the camera’s warm lights will stay on when your phone app stay on the live video screen (it takes you want to see the live view all night and keep the warm light working).