Camera Issues Continued

I took my cameras to charge them. No issue.

Now that they’re back I can’t connect to live feed through them on the vacos app, the video quality successfully changes but then the loading stalls between 84 and 95%, i tried to restart them inside the app but it sits loading for way longer than 5 minutes. On my second attempt I got a blank white banner with a -1 that came up. Am I manually going to have to reset these and go through the process again? Also… the batteries are only lasting a week to a week and a half max, and barely records anything.

These are certainly going to either be used as dummy cameras or end back up in the box they came in.

Camera won’t even reset properly holding down the reset button. Lights continuously flash but won’t allow access or reset manually or through app.

Camera seems useless. I’m going to drain battery before attempting to restore the settings