Camera not recording without Wifi

Hello community
I buy this camera for my farm ,in which there is not power source and Wifi signal.
I set up the camera in my house’s Wifi and the camera not recording when there is not wifi .
1)So this powerful and beautiful camera is useless without Wifi
2)the emms is useless without this feature.Better having sd card
3)it suppose that you use emms storage for faster loading and you don’t have direct connection of the camera with the smartphone

Fixes that I suggest

  1. camera still record without Wifi
    2)direct connection of the camera with the phone (like action camera)
    3)go under the camera connect directly and download your footage

Hello @stelioskamp, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

  1. Currently, the Vacos camera cannot work without WiFi. For your reference, we are planning to release the camera that will work with the 4G network.
  2. For the existing cameras with eMMC storage, we need to back up recordings by the re-record function in the app (which will allow us to save the recording to phone storage for sharing). In the future, we will have another camera that supports unmountable storage.
  3. Direct connection to the camera from PC/phone is not yet in the plan.

You plan to release a new 4g camera and not make perfect this device which all we buy and are not happy

You have to listen to your community because the community is your power of improvement
You have to improve this software because the camera it self is powerful

One another thing is that I can not see the “Device” footage . Always say tap to refresh and this is not an option because if it refresh i say it again

Of course you look to make money with the cloud storage but we who buy this camera are customers too
So we need to not crash every time we want to see the videos

If you have one camera that records and you can see the footage only from app (not laptop or phone directory) and the app crashes ,you make the camera useless because it have data that you can not access

Make this camera connect without Wifi like action cameras do with password

So in my opinion you have to look to make workable your “now” cameras and not to publish new camera like you think we are fools.
Thank you hope you listen to me

Hi @stelioskamp, thanks for your detailed reply :slight_smile:

Yes, we are hearing options from customers from this community as well.

Allow me to explain: The existing Vacos camera won’t work without WiFi because of the hardware limitations (as the camera was supposed to work in the area with WiF coverage only).
According to our production plan, it’s more feasible to make a 4g camera instead of modifying the hardware. Thanks for your understanding.

Regarding the issue of loading ‘Device’ footage, this might happen when the network connection is unstable. Would you connect the phone to another faster WiFi network and see if it would fix the issue?
By the way, you might want to make sure the Vacos app is the latest version.