Camera rotated 180 starts videos upside down before righting

The subject says it all. I installed my solar charger and didn’t want the cable poking down, since it’s obnoxiously black against white trim. I’ve set it to rotate 180 degrees and when triggered, it starts the video upside down before righting itself. This is terrible.

Hi @rcworship,
Not sure if I understanding correctly.
When the camera image is set as rotate 180°, please also rotate your camrea 180° physically (the camera’s charging port is now upward) so the image won’t be upside down.
If I was wrong, could you upload pictures or videos to show the problem?

I mounted the camera upside down to more discretely route the black wire upward. As such, I set the image to “rotate 180”. When the camera is triggered by motion, it starts upside down and then rotates the image to account for the rotated camera. In other words, I set it to rotated 180, but videos start not rotated and then rotate mid video.

Does this make sense?


Thanks @rcworship for clarifying the issue. We have tested and confirmed this glitch. Will fix it in the next firmware update :slight_smile:

:+1: Glad to hear it. It would have been great to have a white cable option for the solar charger, especially since the cameras are white.

Okay. Not sure if the white cable for solar panel would be an option, but I have reported this request for assessment :wink: