Camera waking to terrible overexposed delay

I’ve been having a problem with the camera upon motion activated waking. Most times, the video clips are washed out/overexposed so badly that the whiteout condition prevents the me from seeing the person’s face. When it’s finally properly exposed, they are leaving already.

This obviously destroys the purpose of the motion activated camera and prevents me from getting a shot of who’s at my door. I’ve tried adjusting the active motion distance To maximum with no improvement.

I will upload some video clips to demonstrate.

I can’t figure out how to upload a video, only photos. At least from my phone…

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for pointing this out.
I did noticed that the overexposed happens in the first 1~2 second of some event vdieo, but cannot find the exact video again right now. Would you upload your video to a online server (such as YouTube, Google Drive, Onedrive, etc) and share the link here? Our PM will review it and give a feedback.

@rcworship not sure if you refer to something like this, but anyway the following videos have overexposed delay and color, plus in one of them, the camera detects human detection when there is none.

Sorry for the delay. Life has been busy. Here are a few examples of how much washed out delay is occurring. If I see something at night I will add it later.

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Hi @rcworship, thanks for the videos :slight_smile:
We have confirmed this problem. Our engineer is adjusting the light sensor in order to fix this problem.

Great! When do you think this will be released? Firmware? Software?

Hi, the solution to this issue will be included in the new firmware, but maybe not the one at the end of this month. We will double-check on the engineer meeting.