Device storage and playback

I know you’re trying to promote the use of the cloud storage option, but device playback is really difficult to access, it’s under a different menu, which doesn’t list events, just time, and scrolling through isn’t smooth. Can’t we choose which version (local or cloud) to view events from, and have the same viewing experience?

Hi um5000,

Thanks for the question. The video clips in playback page are all events (as Vacos camera is supposed to record only when triggered by detection). We can hit the tab on top of playback page to switch between Cloud video and Local video.

Kind reminder: When the app says ‘Connection strenght is weak, tap to refresh’ , we recommend return to live view and come back instead of hitting ‘tap to refresh’.

Yes but the local file playback page doesn’t list each event like the cloud file playback page does.

Is there easier way to access local videos than from live view? For example straight from notification would be good. Now it just takes me to cloud service and asks to subscribe for cloud.

And another thing with local files is that they’re quite impossible to access. Every time I try there is either timeout or it says no as media found.

Also it would be important to have setting for how long it records video after detecting movement.

I think this would be great device if it was faster and WiFi signal would be usable farther away from router than 1 meter. Also the app needs to be made simpler.


Hi, does this also happen when you connect your phone to another network? I personally found once that it shows more event on the timeline when connecting my phone to a faster network.

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Hi Joni,
Welcome to Vacos community.
There wiil be a new firmware soon (around this week) to resolve the issue of accessing local videos. We can wait for it.
I will report your other suggestions to engineer team for comments. Thanks.


I noticed I was able to access local VCR date from local storage overnight. Hard to use slider to see what you want, however, it keeps jumping back. Looks like they are all 30 second clips. Would be nice to be able to control the intervals recorded. Any possibility of that?

Hi Robert,

Maybe I can share some tips for the VCR screen:

  1. Put the locator red bar on a event (blue/red clip) instead of a blank area. Otherwise, the locator will jump to the nearest clip automatically.
  2. Wait until the current loading finished before you jump to next event on the timeline/slider.
  3. If needed, use two fingers to keep the sliding of the timeline continuously.
  4. If the loading of the video keeps failing, return to the live video screen then enter the VCR screen again. (As the camera will sleep after leaving the live screen for a short while and become not accessible).

Concerning battery life, an option to customize the recording interval may not be added.

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Thanks for the tips, Tim. What is the difference between the blue and red clips?

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The blue clips are of PIR detection, while the red clips are of human detection (you may see a human icon on these clips).