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Feedback to be addressed

Build quality and hardware look promising. I think most issues can be resolved with firmware / app updates.

  1. Speaker clicks each time PIR sensor detects movement and activates the camera.
  2. App needs an option to disable “spotlight” led for use inside.
  3. Time to load stream is too slow. I can understand to wake a camera on battery but if it is always powered I would expect faster load times.
  4. Customizable notifications: you need to be able to turn on / off notifications for….
    each camera or time of day on a schedule.
  5. Integration with 3rd party products. I would like to view live feed on a google hub.
  6. Local wifi connects without the internet when the internet is slow or dropped out.
  7. Triggering on audio rather than just motion.
  8. IR LEDs for inside night use. I disconnected the spotlight could you send a replacement PCB with IR?
  9. App glitches with review VCR mode. It is too slow to be functional.
  10. PIR has settings for High, Med, and Low. Maybe add an Off option while you sort out how notifications might be customizable.
  11. Integration with Home Assistant.
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  1. Click sound will be lower/remove in the new firmware of the camera.
  2. Yes, this option is in the plan.
  3. Loading time also related to network status. Please check it also.
  4. Doable. Customization notification is in the plan.
  5. Integration to Google Assistant is under development, will update once available.
  6. This is reasonable. Our engineer team is thinking about this, too.
  7. This seems not feasible at the moment.
  8. Vacos SE has IR LEDs instead of the spotlight.
  9. The next firmware will resolve this issue.
  10. This is still to be discussed.
  11. Yes, enable/disable PIR is in the plan.
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Hi Tim,
Almost 12 months has past. I was wondering if the team has thought any more about using an RSTP feed for local wifi connection. This would allow me to use the camera with Home Assistant integration and Google assistant.

I am still a bit disappointed in the wake up time when trying to activate the camera. I suspect this could also be faster if it could be used locally without bed for an internet connection.

I would happily upload a custom beta firmware for testing.

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I would happily upload a custom beta firmware for testing”

Hi Joel,

Thanks for your comment.
Sorry to tell you that there isn’t an update for the existing Vacos camera (model I41FW) to support the RTSP feed. However, the Google Assistant feature is supported by the new Vacos camera (model I41FS, which is still under internal testing).
Regarding the wake up time, did you find it from the cloud recording or the local recording? For cloud recording, it could be an issue of Internet connection. For local recording, it could be caused by the camera. (The delay could happen when the camera has lower power).