Firmware + Settings

I have 2 x Vacos cams.
I have been able to update 1 of them to 3.7
The other I cannot.
I have;

  • deleted the app.
  • have moved the camera to within 6 inches of the router.
  • tried 5 times and have no luck in updating the firmware.

The area I am trying to protect has high traffic flow and the battery goes flat in 2 days with continued and pointless notifications.
I really suggest that you employ a 'DISARM" function so annoying allerts are disabled.
I have had to emply a security comany to monitor the premises as these cameras are not up to the job.

Have not received the Solar panels.

Hi @ruffy

  1. Regarding one camera won’t update its firmware, here are some suggestions that may help:

    • Connect the camera to a power adapter (5V2A). The camera with low power may fail on the update.
    • Reset the camera by pressing the camera button before your next try on the firmware update.
    • Try the firmware update via another phone.
    • Try another network (either your camera or your phone).
  2. Yes. We are improving the human detection and there will be more customized options in the future. The nearest improvement is the adjustment of sensitivity that will decrease false alarm. The toggle swill for PIR turn off/on will coming soon as well. The settings of Arming Schedule and Motion Area are also in our list.

  3. We expect to send out the solar panels from AU warehouse in the next two weeks. Kindly wait.

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