Intrusive Cloud Subscription (and further rant)

Okay, my intro cloud storage subscription has ended and now I am being irritated with the “no cloud service. Subscribe now” message everywhere. Now, when I get an activity notification,I can’t view it. I only see that I don’t have a cloud subscription!!! The service is fine if you want, but I bought the camera with the onboard storage for the very reason I don’t wan tot pay an ongoing subscription fee.

This is really pissing me off. It’s ruined the customer experience! I am so frustrated right now. To be honest, since I’m venting, this entire experience has been a huge letdown. This camera was not ready for primetime, and still is not I know I signed on to be a crowd fund/tester, but this sucks. The battery issues, the firmware won’t upgrade still, the solar charger doesn’t even keep the camera charged up, and now this intrusive nightmare?! I’m very forgiving, but this just takes me to another level.

Hi @rcworship
Apologize for the unhappy experience caused.
Currently, the motion recordings in push notification are stored in the cloud storage, so they will become inaccessible once the cloud service expires. In this case, we can note the time of notification and locate the event when watching the recordings on local storage. (With or without the cloud service, all motion recordings will always be stored in the local storage)
I can understand your feeling after seeing many problems with Vacos products. The Vacos team is still working to fix them gradually. Whenever you wouldn’t like to go with us further, kindly email to Vacos support and we will try to provide a positive solution.

So are you telling me that without the paid subscription, I can’t look at the notifications when the camera senses motion? The fact that these didn’t need cloud subscription was a huge reason I joined the backing team.

@rcworship may i message you?

Sure thing. Do I need to do anything?