Join in Funniest World Emoji Day Contest + Win FREE Vacos Cam

Hello Emoji fans, today is your day!

Join in #WorldEmojiDay Contest launched by Vacos to have a chance to win a Vacos Cam + Solar Panel ! The lucky winner will be selected and announced here on July 22 PT.

How to Participate in the Contest:

#1. Imitate your favorite emoji by yourself and capture it with your security camera, mobile phone, etc.

#2. Post the imitated emoji photos or videos on our community here:

The contest ends on July 20 PT. Share your unique emoji now!


Check out my Entry …

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@puneetkum03 Big smile is like a warming sun :wink: Thank you for joining in :kissing_heart:


Hopefully these made it in, in time!

My three young kids wanted to help :slight_smile:

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Remember, social distance, wear a mask and wash your hands.

Stay safe everyone :slight_smile:

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Thanks for giving us a new way to connect during these times Vacos and Annke!

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One more like :heart: for your helpful suggestion :grin:

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May i ask how is the winner notified or where?

Hi friends,

Thank you all for your attention and passion. This Emoji Day Contest has finished successfully with
your help :kissing_heart:

Let’s congratulate @IslandLife as the lucky winner :tada: :tada:

Don’t worry if you missed this chance. We expect there to be more similar activities in the upcoming future. Please stay tuned with Vacos Community :wink:

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Thank you so much Tim! My children will be thrilled that they helped me with this contest win :slight_smile:

I’m about to go let them know.

Hi @Tim is the camera and solar panel still expected to ship this week?

I just wanted to follow up.

Hi @IslandLife, I will check the status and get back to you via email :wink:

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Perfect, thank you :slight_smile: