Latest Vacos Firmware and App Available

Hi friends,

The newest firmware (Version 3.7.0) for Vacos Cam is available:)

Please upgrade the firmware to enjoy the best performances on Vacos Cam.

What’s New on Vacos Firmware

  1. Improves the setup experience when adding devices.
  2. Optimizes the network connection speed when adding devices.
  3. Fixes the cloud recording failure issue.
  4. Optimizes the speed of accessing eMMC.
  5. Fixes other bugs.

Please check the below simple steps to upgrade your Vacos Cam firmware to the latest version.


  1. Before the upgrade, please make sure your camera has enough battery (at least 2 bars). Plug the camera with a 5V power supply is recommended during the upgrade.
  2. If the upgrade fails, please put your camera closer to the WiFi router and try again.

Vacos App has also been updated! Please check the latest updates and improvements below!

Vacos App Version 1.1.2 for iOS Users :

  1. Changes the live stream resolution display into HD (high definition) & SD (standard definition).
  2. Adds the prompts in the “no recording” condition.
  3. Changes the battery level display into the image display way.
  4. Improves the UI experience.

Vacos App Version for Android Users :

  1. Adds the prompts when loading the videos stored in eMMC in no-Internet conditions.
  2. Changes the live stream resolution display into HD (high definition) & SD (standard definition).
  3. Fixes the issue that the app will go back to live stream page when resetting the camera via the app.
  4. Changes the battery level display into the image display way.
  5. Changes the resolution into HD when rotating the phone into the horizontal direction.
    Improves the UI experience.

I’ve been trying to update for the last few days with no success. I’ve pulled it from the mount and brought inside near the router-nothing. Last night I just put it back outside and it apparently kept trying (I don’t know) and wound up with a near dead battery so that I got the low battery notification. Communication with this has been a huge let down. What else can I try?

I have the same problem. I can’t update the firmware, eventhough I have the cams right next to the router.

Could Vacos olease sddress this problem?

I tried what was suggested and it worked: I deleted the Vacos app and reinstalled, then tried the firmware update again. I brought the camera in and completed the update right next to the router, just in case. It worked pretty much immediately. Good luck.

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I am running all the latest versions. Have not noticed much improvement. Am still getting message “connection strength is weak, tap to refresh” all the time. Don’t think the battery level display into the image display way is any better than a % number. Seems to me a percentage is more exact than just 3 bars. However if you are just going to use 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% it doesn’t make any difference. Have managed to keep the camera powered for about two full days with my 60 watt power cell.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the comment.
Regarding the ‘tap to refresh’ message, it seems the loading of recordings still not fluent enough. I personally find it’s okay to load the recordings on the current date, but not easy to watch those on earlier dates. Is it the same in your case?
It is possible to read the battery level more accurately (not just divide the level into 4 or 5 sessions) by adding an extra chip in the camera, while it means a higher price of the camera. We are still collecting feedback from users about this before making the hardware improvement.

Tim, yes you are correct. I cannot see any recordings prior to the current 24 hours. About the requirement for a new chip to have a more accurate battery percentage. I do not understand why you would need that. Why can’t you compute a percentage based on the number and time of activations? You could always add corrections based on your current chip’s output.

Hi Robert,

Sorry for the late repsonse on this.
Having tried again, I found the recordings prior to current 24 hours is hard to playback, but not totally inaccessible. In my case, it works when I connect my phone to a 5GHz WiFi network. Maybe this also work in your case?
Our engineer doesn’t comment a lot on detecting the power percentage. I assume it’s a challange for them.

Sorry Tim, I don’t have 5G service yet.

Hi robert, to avoid confusion, I am talking about a 5GHz Wifi network (which can be provided for any dual band WiFi router. The 5G WiFi name is usually end with ‘-5g’). I don’t mean the 5G mobile network like the Huawei 5G.

I started getting repeated “low Battery” warnings yesterday, with the battery indicator showing 2/3 yellow bars. Seems awfully early to be interrupting me every couple minutes. One, the low battery is early, as in, maybe two weeks since the last complete charge. Secondly, it showed 2/3, which is in the 65% range. As robert.jones2939 mentioned, a percentage would be far better at providing information about the remaining battery than this inaccurate 3 bar battery.

@rcworship Thanks for the feedback.

  1. We received same complaint from other users about the frequent notification of low battery. The improvement in this issue is already in our plan.
  2. Not sure if you have read this. The battery usage is mainly related to the frequency of camera activation/recording and spotlight working time. We are researching for more customization options in the app to better manage battery usage. (PIR switch, spotlight switch, area of detection, etc.) For the moment, we recommend to lowering the PIR level to prolong the battery circle.
  3. Your request has been received. We will discuss this again at the meeting.
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