Motion Detection cloud playback issue

Hi i have 2 points i wish to raise, first is more important as to why i am using cloud backup yet when i go to play footage from cloud back i get No Video Data message every time on every clip. Whats the point if i can’t view it back.

Also is it possible to set the length of time of recordings as it seems to be very very short.

Thanks for any help.

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As our conversation via email, our engineer is reviewing the cloud storage issue for you. Kindly wait for our feedback, thanks.
The duration of the local recording will vary according to the detection. In other words, the duration will be longer if the camera keeps being triggered. This also means to save battery life.

IMO forget the Cloud and choose Device, at least you will be able to play back from the VCR.

I used the cloud when the battery died its based on the software by danale, but it didn’t save the playback properly this lead to the recent firmware deployment by vacos which should fix the issue.

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