New App Version Available

Hi forum friends,

Vacos App has been updated! :smile:

Please update your Vacos App to the latest version :wink::
Android version ( v1.0.2.1 ):
iOS version ( v1.1.3 ):

What’s New

  1. Adds the PIR sensor switch.
  2. Fixes cloud storage access issue.
  3. Fixes the login issue in some areas.
  4. Optimizes some display texts.
  5. Fixes some other bugs.
  6. Adds German and French languages.

Let me know if you have any questions about this new app :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if it’s related, but I am no longer receiving notifications.

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Hi @rcworship,
In this new version, there is no change to the notification settings by default. You may check if the PIR Switch is still enabled. This needs to be enabled if you need motion notifications.

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The PIR switch is on and the sensitivity setting is on high. This happened around the time of the app update, but I don’t recall if it was the exact time. Notification settings in my phone are still on for this app.

Thanks for the confirmation. Okay, would you then restart the app to have a try? And reboot your phone if possible. If it still won’t work, we will check on our server side.
By the way, are you using an iphone or Android phone?

This app #vacos-software updated was really needed, thanks, also good to have the siren option.
Now more focus in the battery performance.

Is anyone else experiencing any UI colour issues? Because I use my iPhone in dark mode the content is so difficult to read. It looks a lot better in the screenshot than it does on the phone. On the phone you can not read the text.

Yes @marzi, I’m having the same issue in iPhone. Not easy to read or use the app.

@marzi @ndabar The latest Vacos App hasn’t been adapted to the dark mode in iOS13 yet. Before we fix this, kindly try to use the normal mode when using Vacos app.

Hi @Tim I did notice the PIR switch and that has worked great. If we could schedule the PIR switch for certain times that would be an excellent feature!

As @rcworship stated above, I too am not receiving any push notifications from the app. I have restarted and still can’t seem to get anything with PIR on

Hi @marzi, No problem. We have the plan to add a schedule for PIR switch in the new firmware. As it will be helpful to optimize the battery life, too.

Okay, our engineer is requesting more information to review this issue of notification. I will contact you via email for privacy concerns.

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