New Vacos Cam Issues

Hi, I’m new here.

Bought 9 cameras few weeks ago, I got so many problems since then. 2 out of 9 cameras did not work at all, I have installed 4 cameras but can’t get live view for all of them at same time. In most of time, let’s say that 9 out of 10 I can’t get any camera on line. sent email to the support without any answer so far, very frustrated. try to get some help here to see whether I could fix the problem or I have sent them back. Thanks,

Hi @Yao, welcome to the community!

Quite strange your case! Which Vacos Cam do you have? the Full Color or the IR?
I find the IR model more stable than the Full Color version, but still both support live view of multiple cameras at the same time. For multiple live view, touch quickly one the cameras that you are watching, that should enable multi live view.
Can you share a screenshot showing the cameras connected?
Have all the camera good internet range?

I got full color version. I noticed that after I click the icon on the app for 2 seconds , the blue LED flicking on the camera and then 2 white LED fully on if in the dark. But no live view on the app. All cameras are around 3 meters away to the Router.

Something might be going wrong with th app, try to log out and log in again. If that doesn’t work, try to reinstall the app, even to pair again the cameras.
It costs nothing to try that!

I have done so many times of log on and off, reinstall 3 times. All the same.

And last thing, did you try to pair the camera again?? I’m not support or anything, just another user 🤷🏻
@Tim , could you please assist him?

Try what is mentioned in this link.

  • Remove the app
  • reset the camera
  • reinstall and start all once more time

@Yao, are the cameras performing well now?

Not at all, three out of nine are not functional. Others have been tested but work now and then. Every time click icon the camera response by flash blue LED but most time no live view. Have been contacting with Vacos support but haven’t resolved anything so far. Very frustrated!

Well I fully understand your frustration, not with these cameras, but I know the feeling!

If the cameras are not performing well and they are new, could you perhaps request a replacement, isn’t it?

I will consider this as my last option if all problem are related to camera hardware, otherwise the firmware or App can be updated later. Meanwhile they offer me to replace the dead one with IR vision, I’m happy to give a try. Cross finger on IR camera performance!

So far Vacos IR perform much much better the Full Color version! You should be good with this one.

I hope so, expect to try it soon. Unfortunately and regrettably still no solution with current cameras, just wish it is not a hardware issue.

I just received 5 IR version cameras, have installed them and put them in the same location with my others purchased earlier which have trouble with. All of the new cameras work well so far without any issues.

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