No live view - I get alerts and can see recordings

My Vacos battery cam arrived today and I have set it up - I am pretty sure it connected to the network OK as I get alerts and I can review recorded videos.

I can not connect to the live view though… any suggestions?

Hi @CinimodEE

There is another user with a similar problem.
Try to log out and log in again in the app, if that doesn’t work. I would say to reinstall the app.
Are we talking about the Vacos Cam Full Color?

It is the battery outdoor cam…
I have it sorted now - deleted in app, reset the camera went through set up again and all works now.
I wonder if the issue was around the firmware upgrade when I took it out of the box?
Not sure - working now, so happy :slight_smile:

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Awesome, happy for you pal!! :smiley: