No notifications at all

I am unable to get any event notification on my android, I have checked all parameters on the phone.
Could you please help to activate this feature?
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Welcome to the community Zic. @Tim will be able to help you with that.

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Hi @zic,
Welcome to Vacos community :slight_smile:
Firstly, please check if you can see event notifications inside the Vacos app.

If yes, please double-check notification settings of your phone for the Vacos app.

If there aren’t any notification in app, then please set a higher PIR level for the camera.

Hello @Tim, thank you for your answer.
On my side, the event list looks like this:

I do not see pictures on this screen.
I have a question; do we have to pay in order to receive notifications ?
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Hi @zic
Okay, so the event notification is working in the app.
I supposed you have made sure the notification settings on your phone are correct? In that case, may I know the model and OS version of your phone? (such as Samsung S10, Android 10).
Per our engineer, the push notification doesn’t work well on most Samsung phones.

Cloud service is needed to use the notification completely (Preview pictures will show on the black boxes in your picture, and you can tap it to see the relating video clips stored in Vacos Cloud).
Each new camera is granted with a 3-month free trial of cloud, you can follow below picture to enable it.

Hi @Tim I have this same issue on a Samsung A5 2017. There is no notifications option. I’ll try to add the app on my other mobile as it is a newer Samsung to see if the options change.

I’ve done what you suggested above but it does not give me the three free months. It’s telling me I need to subscribe and payment is due immediately.

Thank you for your answers,
So this cam will notify event only if the user pays fot it, this is unacceptable.
Moreover, even when sending money, the notification wont work with … Samsung phones … LOL
This was not specified in the cam description, I would never had bought it if I knew that and I will take some time to post a review about this on Amazon.
Best regards

Hi @zic @IslandLife
Sorry for the inconvenience, we are taking measures to resolve the notification issue on Samsung phones. Will bring an update here soon.

@zic Without paying for the subscription, notifications can still pop up to indicate the time of that event, you can replay the event on local storage manually (All event recordings will be stored on local storage by default).

@IslandLife We may need the device ID of your camera to help you further on the free trial. Will contact you via email soon.

Hello @Tim, sorry but I do not receive any notification on my Samsung S8+.
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Hi @zic
To discuss for a quick and acceptable solution for you, could you email to

Hello @Tim
I have sent an email with details to the support, I will keep you posted.
Best regards

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Hello @Tim, with no technical solution from the support, I had to ask for a refund.
Best regards

Hi @zic
I see. I am acknowledged that this issue is under researching but not an effective solution in the near future other than using a phone from other brands. A refund should help you the most at this moment.


I’m having the same issue with my Oneplus 8, Android 10. Extremely annoying and makes these cameras totally useless.

Hi @Michael_Jorgensen, may I know if the notification used to work? If yes, could you still remember what change has been applied right before the notification stop working? That would be helpful for us to locate the problem.