No notifications?

I just got this cam, and I am not receiving any notifications/alerts at all from it, is that normal or did I miss something?

Hey Jesse, welcome to the community! You should absolutely get notifications. However, this camera is more focused on human identification notifications, not just movement (if I am not mistaken). The main idea is not to have tons of false notification based on movement of trees or cars driving by, etc. Currently, it’s crazy windy at my place and overnight my Arlo cams have plenty of activity when scheduled for notifications, but they are just triggered by things moving from the wind.

What I would suggest is to make sure your device has notification turned on, and then try walking in front of your Vacos cam(s) to see if they trigger. Another thing to check is whether the camera is set to record. Go to the app and select your camera, then hit the settings gear icon, then go to “recording setting” where you will select the recording hours. I had an issue early on with one of mine not recording, and it was all due to this setting being incorrect.

Hope that helps. Vacos folks (Tim) should be on here later in the day.

Take care!

Thank you for your response! I figured I should be, as I have read many ppl talk about the notifications going off frequently. It is set to record and we have tried walking in front of it, but still nothing. I have notifications turned on on the external app settings, where it tells me ‘this app hasn’t sent you any notifications,’ is there supposed to be a place inside the app to turn on notifications? The app is not currently available in the Google play store, I had to download it off of the website, maybe that has something to do with it? I feel like I’m not seeing the same options I see other ppl refer to, maybe it is a different version of the app?

@Jess Merry Christmas! And welcome to Vacos community :slightly_smiling_face:

I have just checked the Vacos camera with the latest Vacos app (v1.0.3.1) downloaded from Google Play, and the push notification of the Vacos app is working.
The notification is enabled by default, there’s not an option to turn it off in the app.

Please make sure the Vacos app is allowed to send notifications on your phone. Below picture is an example.

Below is the link to the Vacos app on Google Play: