No recording on new camera

I received my new (2nd) camera and got it installed in the back yard. It is signed up for the 90 day trial, but it is not recording to the onboard storage. It did for the first two days, but the last couple days show the message, “No Recorded Date Available on Micro SD Card”. Any thoughts?

Mine seem to only record when it detects a human presence.

My blink cameras have had over 500 recordings in the last week and my vacos cam has had 1 since Oct 7. It recorded me closing the blinds on my window back on the 22nd.

This is honestly the only reason I have stalled with the installation outside. I need consistent feedback from my security camera. If something, anything moves, i want it recorded.

So…my new camera is still not recording anything onto the local storage. I formatted the internal today-we’ll see if that helps.

For your blink cameras, how many recordings for one per battery charge? Or are those the lithium one-time batteries? My new, 2nd Vacos just gave me the first low battery warning-1 week after set up! I counted 74 notifications…

If I remember correctly, Tim said max 6 months battery with 20 activations per day. 20 X 180 is 3600, right? So 74 is not cutting it…Sorry-I’ll put this on another topic!

I installed my cameras back early summer, maybe June. Still going strong at this time. They have a life expectancy of 2 years but I expect a year for how many recordings I get daily.

My new (second) cam is not recording to the internal card, which sucks. I don’t want to pay for service, which is why I bought this cam to begin with. I reformatted the card the other day and still, no recordings on the micro SD card…

@Tim is there a reason these cameras don’t record things such as wildlife or cars passing by?

I have my settings on high for my vacos cams but they don’t record even 1% of the recordings my competitor cameras do.

As mentioned I delete between 100 to 200 recordings daily off my other cameras and my vacos cams maybe record 1 episode of movement in a period of a week.

Also just a side note as they have recorded perhaps 3 to 6 recordings in the time frame between charges the batteries only lasted just over a month before needing to recharge. Just mentioning this for your own backend use.

Hi @IslandLife, this Vacos camera is specialized in human detection, it’s PIR detection on temperature + AI detection on human shape (head-shoulder). Motions that don’t meet these two detections won’t trigger the camera to record.

Thanks for the feedback on battery life :slight_smile: Have you noticed if the camera warmlight turn on frequently at night? And does the camera react smoothly on live stream?

You should try walking out there several times to see if it properly picks you up and triggers recording (if you haven’t already done this). That will at least rule out the human aspect…good luck!

My issue is that it doesn’t pick up the vehicles that are driving passed my window only about 10 feet away. So the chance of recording a license plate if needed or to see if a bear or cougar/mountain lion are out my door that should trigger a notification (quite possible for this to happen here) are very low to no chance. For this sake I would remain with the blink cameras for overall use.

I would say that the main issue is that the camera playback system is not good for recovering whatever was recorded. I had hard time for check old pictures/videos, the app gives you all the time the error message.