No recordings available

No recordings available on all my cams during playback - both cloud and device. What’s the point of having a security camera if you can’t playback or get notifications?

A dog keeps fouling my front lawn and till date despite having bought these cameras still not been able to catch the culprit - dog plus silly owner.

Please Vacos team what is going on?


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For mine, as soon as the free intro could service trial ended, the easy access to the videos ended. I still get notifications, but when I select it, I get the “no cloud subscription” error. So, I have to go to the videos on the app page, but there again, I have to go past the “no cloud subscription” error page and select the local storage option. By then, if anyone was there, far too late to catch them!

For you, I would suggest logging out of the app and logging back in. If that doesn’t work, try deleting the app and reinstalling. Then it might fix during the app setup. I still can’t get mine to update firmware, and that’s been out for a while. The first update required my deleting of the app–I didn’t want to do that this time. But then it still won’t update!!!

Good luck!

I’ve had no recordings since the last firmware update.

Hi @nomski, welcome to Vacos community :slight_smile:
Have you noticed if there are red/blue blocks on the timeline in the cloud/device playback screen?

  • If yes, then the problem is on the loading of videos. Please try rebooting/reinstall the app. if it still won’t work, try the latest camera firmware (v3.7.1).
  • If no, then please check and set a higher level of PIR for the camera.

Clips in the notification list won’t open when the cloud subscription has expired, while the playback of recordings is supposed to working all the time.

@ Tim

I did reboot/reinstall the app and I have long been on v3.7.1 (even before the post).

Problem still exist on all cams, I have lost hope in the cams to be honest - sadly in the market for something tried and tested.

I wound up buying a pack of cameras from another company. They work great and the batteries are far better at this point, but the night vision is terrible. Now, the model I got is a few versions back, but I don’t feel like paying several hundred more dollars either…a pickle, indeed.

PM me for my experience (with the other service) if you want

Hi @nomski,
Sorry to hear that.
If you still would like to troubleshoot this problem, may I know if the cameras still work fine on the the live stream? Would be appreciated if you can test the WiFi signal at the cameras location by the speedtest software and show me the result?
If you would like to proceed warranty, please contact us at for further assistance.