Noisy Video on start-up

Noisy video when camera wakes up destroys content that caused startup.

Hi robert,
I guess you were talking about the click sound on each wakeup of the camera?
If so, it’s a issue we are still working on to fix. The next firmware may be available later in July. We will see if there was a related improvement.

No, I’m talking about video noise. See attachment.

(Attachment Front Yard_ch01_20200625_065436.mp4 is missing)

No, Tim. I’m talking a Video noise. I tried to send you an MP4 attachment of it, but it got rejected from the Vacos community address. You need to fix that too!

Hi robert,
I see. Vacos community doesn’t support video attachment at this moment. Could you upload it to Google Drive/Onedrive/Youtube etc. so share the link here?

Was there any progress on this? I had the same (presumptively) issue with some of my videos, during which there was fuzzy sounding noise over the video, making it sound yucky, but also making it difficult to understand any words spoken in the video. I provided feedback about this and shortly after my trial could subscription ended, so I lost my easy access to the videos, hence, I haven’t been too active/involved with my camera…