Nothing works as advertised

I have the camera over looking my garden. The garden is 12’ X 18’. The camera will start to record when I get to the outside of the gate about 18’ from the camera. Recordings are anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds. about 1/4th of them say “there is no corresponding record” . I was in the garden watering for 12 minutes and it only made 4 recordings, 4 seconds, 9 seconds, 6 seconds and the 4th said “there is no corresponding record” I’ve tried setting the PIR to all 3 settings. Isn’t the camera supposed to record the whole time a human is in range? Live view always works perfectly no mater where I am.

I have tested this inside near the router with the same exact results.

Today there were 2 false recordings that failed and no humans in sight.

Also, most cloud recordings load to about 90% then fail with a network error

The ad said the battery will last up to 6 months. It only lasts a couple of days. During that time it recorded maybe 50 recordings less than 10 seconds each. I fully charged it overnight 2 days ago and it is already down to 2 bars.

I have an Ankee DVD security system and 2 Ankee wireless cameras that work perfectly.

Did you release this camera too early?

Thank You

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Agreed. These cameras are disappointing at best. Battery life is no where near what was advertised. Most of the time I attempt to connect to the camera thru the app it won’t connect. Recordings aren’t being saved to the cloud. PIR is inconsistent at best. These were definitely rushed to market IMO.

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Jaxn, not to defend VACOS, but ANNKE had just as many, if not more, problems when they started. I stuck with them for months before they got things right.

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Hi jaxn,

Thanks for your detailed comment :slight_smile:

I assume you see the error message ‘there is no corresponding record’ when trying to watch the video from the notification message?
Some of the notification videos are not playable as they failed to be uploaded to the cloud. We assume problem is on the network and are checking on it. For better inspection, we may need network information (number of devices in the same network, network provider, wifi router’s brand & model).

The failure of cloud video loading is also under inspection. We may require the customer’s user name and password of the app account for further checking.

The 6-months battery circle is based on our lab data when the camera work in an ideal environment. While it actually related to the frequency of activation on spotlight/recording and user access to the camera.

We will keep improving camera performance. Please try the latest version of camera firmware and Vacos app when available.

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Tim what is the latest firmware version and does it get downloaded automatically? Do you have to have the cloud activated to get it or does it update automatically. In other words, how are firmware updates implemented?

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I will stick with them. It’s just very disappointing. This was supposed to be the best thing out there and my $25 Ankee’s work much better. Hopefully they can fix the problems soon. But the battery life is pathetic.

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I have a 60 watt power cell I’m using to keep the camera battery charged, so I can use it outside. Will see how long that lasts. I found these cameras really take a lot of juice. I have a Nest outdoor camera that I wanted to run off a 45 watt Harbor Freight solar panel system I have on a shed and discovered during the Winter months I could not keep it running 24 hours a day. That single camera would drain my solar panels storage overnight. That was why I was so interested in the Vacos camera.

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