QR code won't scan

I’ve done everything possible to get the QR code to scan by the camera and the camera just will not read the code at all no mater what I do

Hello @Kristen_Larson, these are some methods that might help the camera to recognize the QR code:

  1. Please use the correct phone app for your Vacos camera. (The app ‘Vacos’ is for Vacos Full Color camera; The app ‘Vacos Smart’ is for Vacos IR camera.)
  2. Please make sure your WiFi network is a 2.4GHz WiFi network. The Vacos camera can only work with that, not 5GHz.
  3. Put the camera and the phone on a flat surface and in the position as below picture when scanning QR code.

This still has not worked. I used the correct app for Vacos Smart thatbwas listed in the instruction manual. My internet does have 2.4 ghz as one of its frequencies. When I put the camera lens to face my phone to scan the QR code it just doesn’t scan. I have tried many various positions to try to get it to scan and it doesn’t actually scan the code.

Hi @Kristen_Larson ,
In this case, could you also try the below methods that might help?

  1. Please make sure the mobile phone’s QR code is 15 to 20 cm from the camera lens when you scan the code.
  2. If possible, please try with another 2.4GHz WiFi network. We can consider the WiFi hotspot provided by a smartphone.

If the above methods still won’t work, please contact Vacos support team at this email [support@vacos.com] and provide the results and we will help further with a solution.