Recording Issues

I have had this camera for about 2 months now. It appears almost useless as a security camera.

  1. It only records up to 9 seconds locally, and 14 seconds cloud.
    If you stay in the view of the camera constantly after recording 9 seconds it will not start another recording for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. Then it records only up to 9 seconds again. Why this delay between recordings.
    Why only 9 second recordings. Shouldn’t it keep recording as long as it detects motion?

  2. Cloud playback is finicky, if there are a few recording close together you can’t play them all. it will always play the first one, then it skips a all the middle recordings and plays the last one.

  3. The battery only lasts up to 10 days with very few recordings. (maybe 20) Very far from 6 months you advertised.

4 I ordered the solar charger in July 13th. I would have ordered one with the camera but you advertised 6 months of battery life. I got the confirmation email right away. over a month later, no charger or any communication from Vacos.

Hi @jaxn from my understanding, the solar panels weren’t manufactured yet and are only just starting to be shipped out now or soon.

I’m sure @Tim will address your concerns and send it to their PM to correct on an upcoming firmware update.

Sorry I’m not able to offer any other suggestions or helpfulness. Hope it all works out for you.

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Hi @jaxn, thanks for your feedback on Vacos Cam :slight_smile:

  1. Are you referring to the recordings attached in alarm notifications? These recordings are saved in cloud storage so they are 8 seconds / 15 seconds long.
    As for the recordings on local storage, it will keep recording as long as it detects motion.
  2. On the iOS version of the Vacos App, it allows you to zoom in/zoom out the timeline to locate the event more accurately (Using the finger gesture ‘Spread’ to zoom in, and the gesture ‘Pinch’ to zoom out. See below picture). As for the Android version, this feature is still under researching.
    finger guesture Pinch and Spread
  3. We admit the 6-month battery life was based on lab data. Currently, we are working on the new firmware with more features to extend the battery life in actual usage.
  4. The solar panels for US customers will be sent out around August 24th. Kindly check again with us later.

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Does it automatically record to the local storage? If it does how do I access it.

After recording 8 seconds why does it wait 1-1 1/2 minutes before recording another 8 seconds

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Yes, the camera will record to the local storage by default. To access it, please tap the Device icon on the playback screen.

Unlike the local recordings, the upload to cloud storage has an interval (about 1~2 minutes) between every two videos in a row due to the network.