Review of the new Vacos Cam IR

Vacos Cam IR – Outdoor Rechargeable Battery/Solar Powered Wireless IP Security Camera

Well done Vacos! Now I can fully say that your very cool camera is able to perform as security device while relying on the battery.
This new model of Vacos Cam IR (InfraRed version) brings new features that definitely were missed on the previous camera. It also comes with a new mobile application, new UI, settings and way of using it, very cool.

Keep reading if you want to know more about the new Vacos Cam IR Security Camera.

Apparently, there is not too much different between both cameras, but the performance of the new IR version talks by itself.

1080p Full HD & 33 ft / 10 m Night Vision

Very good during the day or night quality image. The application only allows to video quality settings HD (High Definition 1920px 1080px) and SD (Standard Definition 640px 360px). This time the performance of the camera while using the Live View mode is fantastic, the connection is stable, reliable and fast.

I think that for the purpose of a security camera this image quality is more than enough. Motion detection recognition is amazing, by standards it says 33 ft / 10 meters but definitely it has a larger range. The following pictures/videos, cars are detected over 164 ft / 50 meters, this applies for day and night.

Night vision is great, black & white only, but quality is good enough for distinguish any object, person or animal. The only issue is if the camera IR is very close to another object and the IR reflects.


Another cool thing is that Live video shows you in percentage the wireless connection, and which is more important the connectivity doesn’t drop. This time the connection is strong.
Also there is a shortcut for enable/disable the motion detection, going to the calendar, cloud or album.

Vacos describes this feature as its sensitive PIR sensor only detects warm objects & AI algorithm differentiates humans among the objects, reducing up to 90% of unwanted or false alarms. I left the camera running for one month, quite surprise for the good answer and motion detection. This new model has a different setting for motion and recording.

  • Motion detection allows you to setup the sensitivity, alarm interval, day/night and alert plan, so it’s pretty cool.
  • Recording management has the recording time (10, 20 or 30 seconds) and information of the SD capacity.
  • Alert plan feature, allows you to setup the time period of the alarm

7-Day Free Cloud Storage
This feature offers similar service than the one included in the previous model. But being realistic, this time reading directly from the SD card works incredibly well. It’s easy, fast and reliable – equally as the predecessor I only miss the option to interact with a NVR, your own Cloud account or USB capabilities.

16 GB eMMC - Built-in Local storage
First though could be that maybe 16 GB are not enough, but after having the camera 24x7x30 running with motion detected at maximum level enabled the capacity left is over two thirds – I find that a very good compression.
Very important to mention, now while checking the notifications and access to them or review the calendar motions (SD card) the connection to the camera is fast and reliable. I have succeed all the times without getting the ads of the Cloud subscription or error messages saying that it wasn’t possible to access to the SD card. Impressed how the performance has improved here.

Still 9.77GB remaining capacity, after making running test over a month without deleting any data.

Solar Powered
It works!
This is awesome, I connected the solar panel having 63% battery left the 22nd June 2021, since then the camera is having 100% full battery. Here in Ireland, we can’t guarantee to have sun every single day but still the solar panel has kept the camera with full battery – I can’t be happier regarding this.
For those who don’t know, with the previous model (Vacos Camera Color Night Vision) the solar panel tends to consume the camera battery while it’s night or cloudy days.

Rechargeable Battery
By far, this camera does a much better battery management than the Color Night Vision version -
true that IR does not consume as much power as the Led.
Charging time using a USB power charger is around 3-4 hours and battery life lasts over a month no problem. I have the camera since one month so I can’t talk if the battery lasts for 3-6 months. I have charged it only once for testing reasons.

The solar panel was disconnected two weeks ago, battery left today is 93%.

Work with Alexa / Google Assistant
It does work! Very good time in demand live view for both smart players. I have only tried to play the camera from them, I would like to see if I can request to enable/disable the motion feature, take a screenshot, record or enable the mic.

To improve

  • be able to copy/import/save multiple files at the same time from the SD card (very important)
  • be able to connect this camera to an existing NVR, using standard protocols such as Hikvision, ONVIF, RTSP or a custom one (very important)
  • be able to download all data if the camera is connected to the computer (important)
  • when the background color is similar to the font(date/time) color, the font (date/time) color is hard to see
  • change TimeZone – I have not been able to change between countries
  • show recording time while recording
  • while using the solar panel, the app doesn’t say that the camera is in charging mode
  • integrate the previous Vacos Cam with this new mobile app
  • once the camera has been linked with Google Assistant or Alexa, it could appeared as pared in the Vacos Smart app
  • enable email notification optiom, the user might not have the phone all the time

Other features performing as expected:

  • In Demand Live View from mobile, iPad, tablet or smart player (FireTV or Google Home)
  • Share Access with Family
  • Remote Playback
  • App Push Notifications
  • Real-Time Two ways talk
  • Online Help (new)
  • Power Saving Settings (new)
  • Time Period Settings (new)
  • Time Settings (12h / 24h) (new)
  • Timezone (new)
  • Motion detection widget from Live View (new)


Hi @ndabar , a big thumb up on your detailed review on the Vacos Camera IR version :+1:
We have contacted you via email in response to your suggestion on improving this camera.
If you have more experience to be share or meet any problems on the camera, please let us know here or via email :slight_smile:

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