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Review of Vacos Baby Monitor

Over a month ago I received this product as a gift after participating in a polling. Once I had it and read the features, I was not impressed, because it looked just like any other camera. The features don’t seem very high (HD 720P, two-way audio, etc).
However, after using it for a while with our baby daughter, now I have a totally different opinion about it.
Probably because I work in IT I was expecting something very fancy, which could be integrated with other devices, have access from internet and receive notifications on my mobile. Well, this baby camera does not offer this, but the reason is very simple – it’s a baby camera and I would say that most of the people prefer to don’t expose their babies to internet.

The box includes everything that you need for start using the camera, very nice packaging.

Night Vision Boost (HD 720P)
Initially the 720P resolution did not look to be enough, because we are used to have a very high resolution in our devices – but thinking straight on the use of this camera, this lens offers exactly what you need, achieving a good resolution day and night. Considering that you receive the image just in the LCD monitor display, which has ~5inch / ~13cm.
In addition, the digital zoom allows you to get closer view of your baby.

355 Pan & 55 Tilt
Well, this feature is really cool, although at the moment my baby does not move too much so I can’t comment too much about it. It is handy to have it.

Two-Way Audio
This feature needs to be improved, from the console (LCD monitor) we can clearly listen to my baby daughter, however the speaker of the camera is not great and you don’t get a very good audio from the console to the camera. Audio is very low.

Up to 1000 ft range (or ~304.8 meters)
I didn’t go that far, but I can say that the transmission is very good at 30-40 meters having walls between the camera and the LCD monitor. Also from our garden we have a very good reception of the camera.

Sound Detection Alerts
That works fine :+1:t3:

Temperature Detection
Really cool feature – from the LCD monitor you can establish certain temperature range for the room where the camera will be and you get one notification in the LCD monitor once the camera is out of the chosen range.

Comforting Lullabies
I have not tried to play lullabies from the camera itself (I suppose the lullabies need to be recorded previously in the SD Card), but every single day I play lullabies from the Alexa device. If the baby cries or talk, the LCD monitor will turn on notifying you that a different sound has been detected.

2.4 GHz FHSS
FHSS means Frequency-hopping spread spectrum, in other words, it is a radio signal transmission, used for avoiding interferences, preventing eavesdropping and enabling a code-division multiple access (CDMA) communication. And what does it mean? Means that internet is not required, communication is encrypted between the camera and the LCD monitor and there is no need for an extra application.
I didn’t like that at the beginning, because as IT enthusiast I wanted to have access from Internet – but my wife got a different approach “this camera is perfect - you can bring it anywhere without having the limitation of internet or the phone, just bring the camera and the LCD monitor”.

3000 mAh Battery
Here Vacos forgot to mention that just the LCD monitor can work on battery, the camera needs to be plug-in. This was not clear reading the instructions and even in the public website the picture of the camera recording the baby does not have a cable – after several tries, I got the conclusion that camera it does not a battery and only works with cable.
LCD monitor can last ~8h if it is constantly running after 1 charge, so normally you need to charge once per day.

Support Local Storage
This is kind of obvious due that only the LCD monitor can play the camera, but still it is good to know that it supports a micro SD card max 256 GB, allowing you to save as many good moments of your baby.

User interface (GUI)
It is not fancy and it looks old, but it is practical and it works fine. There are few functions which I have not been able to test, like adding an additional camera or firmware update. The instructions or website does not mention how to update the device, I assume that new firmware will be release in the website and the updating will be using the SD card.

Please find below more pictures about other settings
Feeding Timer

Monitor Sleep Mode

Playback (FYI - video file format used is ASF - Advanced System Format)

Pairing Camera

Date & Time (please add the option for the 24h)

Motion Detect

In general, I believe this camera performs well, although there are few things that as a user I believe they require an improvement:

  • Two-ways audio definitely need to be reviewed, from the LCD monitor the audio is good, but the camera speaker is very low

  • Date & Time does not allow to setup the time in 24h

  • Capture one picture at the beginning and at the end of each video

  • I still think that it will be nice to have some kind of communication with the mobile, using Bluetooth or wireless. At least with the monitor.

  • When the LCD monitor runs out of battery, the monitor should notify about it and give you 5 minutes before battery dies

  • For the purpose of this review, I plugin the SD card into the laptop and I noticed that the “Date Modified” saved for each video/folder it does not make any sense.

  • Option to save some of the videos as favourites, so the user can quickly check the this particular video at any time

  • Explain how the updates can be performed

Thank you Vacos team for offering me the chance to test and evaluate this Baby camera product as one of the first users.
I hope some of you can find this review useful.


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Hi @ndabar ,
Thanks for your detailed feedback :slight_smile:
Below is the reply to your feedback:

This volume of camera speaker will be improved in the next production batch.

Actually, the monitor will give a buzzer notification when the battery is at a low amount.

The firmware update will be done by putting the firmware file on the Micro SD card.

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