Rewarded Vacos Doorbell Survey

Dear Vacos Family,

Your feedbacks play an important role in Vacos products!

Our Vacos Video Doorbell will be released in Q4, 2020.

Before the launch, we would love to hear your feedbacks and requirements on this doorbell.

Please share your insights on what must-have features and other bonus points the Vacos Video Doorbell should have .

Please share your opinions and have a chance to win a Free Vacos Cam. The lucky winner will be announced on October 8th, 2020 .

Looking forward to your awesome brainstorm on the Vacos Video Doorbell!

Best regards,

Vacos Team

  1. I would like to see an option for local storage that does not require a monthly subscription service charge.
  2. I would like to an option to draw out the motion sensing area so that motion notifications are not triggered when the a car drives by, for example.
  3. The same high quality night vision as the current Vacos Cam.
  4. A much longer motion-triggered recording. If someone comes to my door, I want the recording to prerecord for at least 30 seconds before any motion is sensed. This was, if someone steals a package (for example) from my porch, I can go back and see the vehicle and other video data leading up to the incident.
  5. The normal/popular features–2 way audio speaker/microphone, etc.
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1.) A full 180° lens that doesn’t distort the image. Allowing for a possible license plate capture or a better visual of any person coming to the door both horizontal and vertical so packages can be within visual as well.
2.) Local storage option as well as a subscription or cloud storage. People like free after purchase so perhaps free cloud service.
3.) Longer playback or recording length option. 30 to 60 seconds preferred
4.) Two way talk speaker/mic.
5.) Alarm or siren feature.
6.) An option where a Battery cam and the doorbell cam are linked and triggered simultaneously so a wider surface area can be covered in areas where the entrance still leaves the area vulnerable to have packages stolen.
Edited to add:
7.) Connection to a future option for touch pad/keypad keyless entry or fingerprint reader to gain entry.
8.) 1080p quality both day and night vision with enhanced motion detection.

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9.) A voice changer option in the outbound speaker so if children answer they don’t let possible intruders know they are young and possibly home alone.

We’re looking forward to you choosing the winner today :blush:

Hey guys,
Thanks for your suggestions on Vacos Doorbell :relaxed:
Here comes the lucky winner:
@rcworship :clap: :clap: :clap: Congratulation!
@rcworship Please pay attention to the email from Vacos support for the confirmation of your prize :wink:

We hope to see you guys again in the next campaign. Have a good night~

Wow, I pretty much never win anything! Looking forward to it! I’m also looking forward to the coming updates, both hardware and software, AND to the new doorbell cam!!!
Thank you!


I thought this looked pretty cool-the way the sun gave a little extra to the image…

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