Settings for behind a Window?

I have a Vacos Battery Powered Smart Camera that I have put in my apartment since we’ve been having packages being stolen. Due to being in an apartment, my mounting options are quite limited in the sense that I can only put it behind a window or inside my apartment. The best option behind directly behind a window. I’ve had mine behind a window for a week now it has a lot of false positives with no alerts on people passing directly in front of my door. I’ve cranked up the motion sensitivity to 10, but it gets triggered by the smallest of things.

Does anyone know what are good settings for behind a window? If it matters, I am using an Android device

Hello @EatPocky , welcome to the community :slight_smile:
The Vacos battery camera is not supposed to be mounted in front of a window, as the glass will reflect lights from the camera and influence the camera performance.
You may consider opening the window for the camera. Otherwise, please try to put the camera inside the apartment.