Updated Manual?

Manual states “The information contained in the manual is subject to change, without notice, due to firmware update or other reasons. Please find the latest version in the company website.” Where is the updated manual?

Hi robert,

Here is the link to download the user manual of Vacos Cam in PDF form:

The updated manual will be available here also.

Tim, there was no user manuals there.

I can see manual at bottom of page. Belo picur of cam.

Right. Please click on this icon to download the user manual.

Tim, looks just like the manual I’ve got. Don’t see any updates except for page numbers. You certainly should update the initial camera sequence to what actually happens and match the camera’s voice prompts exactly.

Hi Robert,
Yes, the new user manual is still under editing.
Will make a more accurate instruction based on the voice prompt one by one.

There appears to be an inaccuracy in the Note: in the manual in section 5.6, which states “The 24/7 recording DOESN’T mean recording every second. The camera records videos only when there are motion events.” is not necessarily true. It seems to apply only when the camera is operating off it’s built-in battery in Cloud mode. If the camera is fully charged and connected to an external power source in Device and High PIR modes it appears to record continuously in VCR mode, in 30 second intervals.