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Vacos 2K AI Smart Video Doorbell Indiegogo live

I’m a little confused…I received the email that the Indiegogo campaign was live for the upcoming Doorbell Cam, but there was no mention here. First, let me say that I was one of the first to get one (in white)!

After my experience with the Vacos Cam, there are a number of things that both suggested I jump on this and that I skip it!

First, I see that a couple of my top wishes came true for this, specifically the free 7-day storage option and the local storage options…Way to go Vacos!!! That right there has kept me from buying an Ring, Arlo, Eufy, Google, etc.

The biggest pain with the existing Vacos cam is the battery. This was a HUGE letdown and disappointment, because the 6 month projected battery life has not even delivered 10% for me. Realistically, it only yields 5-7% of that, which is absolutely unacceptable. Well, looking at the campaign and seeing the 6 month battery promise, I was considering skipping. Luckily, there is a hard wire option! Phew!

I think this product (doorbell), like the current Vacos cam, is a little too large and bulky. My Arlo Pro 2 cameras are half the size, have a removable battery, and last FAR longer on a charge. Nevertheless, the Vacos cameras have superior night camera capability. I can’t comment on the latest competitor cameras, but I am very pleased with the Vacos cam night vision. I’m not sure if the doorbell will have the same high quality night camera, but I hope so.


  1. Will these replace an existing doorbell and activate the existing chime in the house? I did not purchase a chime puck because I didn’t know the answer to this question. The campaign was not good with information. If this works with your existing doorbell chime, what is the voltage required to operate it? Standard? I’ve seen others that require a step up in voltage-a separate product to install.

  2. How does the available chime puck work? WiFi? Bluetooth? Other? Does it use batteries? Come with rechargeable?

Final thoughts…

Your Indiegogo campaign was terrible! I get the desire to be humorous, but this was very poorly done. In America I would call this super cheesy! The video was ridiculous and poorly done. It didn’t provide any meaningful information, or at least didn’t present it in a professional way. To be honest, I don’t know what your biggest market is, but Vacos needs to hire some more proficient English speakers/writers who can help to polish your website and add greater professionalism to your marketing, including both your product website and the Indiegogo campaign. The information on the campaign was very limited and poorly laid out, and all the products were not discussed with details that matter. Instead, there was repeated info and specs that paid more attention to comparing this to the competitors.

I’m here to help you all out with the company (as many here are), so please accept this feedback as constructive, not negative. I want you to succeed with this Vacos brand, in large part because I want to use your products! Please let me know if you would like any additional feedback. For now, I look forward to getting my Vacos doorbell in quarter 1/2 of 2021!

Is there somewhere I can get information about the doorbell cam? I reached out on the crowdfunding campaign and haven’t gotten a response. There has not been a single campaign update either, unfortunately…Any info?

Hi @rcworship ,
Sorry for the late update. There will be an update for the Vacos Doorbell on Indiegogo within the next 24 hours, please kindly wait.