Vacos battery cam reads QR, wont join WiFi

I think I put my question / problem under the wrong category. I purchased 2 Vacos battery cams and neither one will connect to my Arris model BGW210-700 AT&T router. The router runs both 2.5, and 5 radios. I know the camera works as I set 1 up at a friends house to test. All my other WiFi connected devices are running normally.

Deleted app and started over. Both cams joined WiFi without a problem.

Hi @Jeremy
Sorry for my overlook to your post :sweat:
Have your two Vacos cams been working fine?
Never thought a reinstallation of the app could fix the WiFi connection issue on the camera. If anyone finds this method helpful as well, please let me know :wink:

I had to completely redo the entire setup for both cameras. I still have No Video Data for over 2 hours
Additionally, 1 camera only detects when people are leaving, not when people arrive…
I do have cloud on both cameras and I have refreshed the list of detections to no avail.
I can watch each camera in real-time and see people in the cameras field of sight and not receive an alert/notification.

In concluding, the AI and PIR software is pretty unreliable for “security” cameras. I spent good money on Vacos cameras based on the tech and what they are capable of. After 3 weeks of ongoing software issues, I will return the Vacos battery powered cameras.

Hi Jeremy,

The lack of videos in the list of detections is an issued we are tackling via the upcoming firmware update.
While the missing of human detections is new case and we need further review before giving an effective solution.
Sorry for the convenience and unhappy experience. I will write you an email soon to help further on this case.

Thx for the good help Tim.