Vacos Cam Setup

Hi folks,
1st of all, I have Vacos Cam IR setup and running with Vacos Smart App.
I purchase Vacos Cam just to try out but having problem in adding the device to the app, they just won’t connect, stuck at reading the QR code.

Then I tried Vacos App. This time it went pass the QR code reading stage but then I got the message that says the camera had been bind by somebody else? See the picture attached. I am confused. Any pointers?

Also, when I received this device it looks like a used one, some scratches on the body of the cam. the sticker that covers the camera is not there anymore…

Hi @gtesla Welcome to Community :slight_smile:
This camera looks like a used one. To fix this issue, there are 2 solutions:

  1. Please send a picture of the sticker on the camera to Vaocs support email, then leave the camera unconnected to the Internet. Then we can help you to unbind the camera.
  2. Please also contact and request a new camera.

Thanks for the warm welcoming Tim.
I will try to contact support, they response is quite slow…

Hi Tim,
I am having problem is talking and convincing the tech support guy that I got a second hand camera. I bought 3 other Vacos cam from Amazon apart from this one and I know what brand new Vacos cam looks like.

Do you know how to escalate my issue so it goes up the chain of command? Any manager that I can talk to to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi @gtesla,
I have checked with our team with your case and see the camera can be replaced. This may take 1~2 business days due to the weekends. Please don’t worry.