VACOS Cam trys to connect to WiFi as a hot spot/extender

I discovered today when the Vacos Cam would not connect to my app that it showed up as connected to my router as a separate extender or hotspot. Very worrisome since it has no security protection.

Hi @robert.jones2939, do you mean the hotspot named with ‘Vacosxxxxx’ given by the camera? That is a hotspot for maintaining purpose and only Vacos engineers have the tool to access it. So please don’t worry.

Yes! But when it is a hot spot it is not connecting for me as a camera. Maybe that is why it disconnects so much.

This is working fine for me @robert.jones2939, I have at home 2 hotspot in a mesh network using Devolo Magic 2. Cameras connect to them without problems.

Ignacio, I am talking about the Vacos camera itself connecting as a hotspot, not connecting through a hotspot.

Yes, I misread it :sweat_smile:

Hi @robert.jones2939 Having checked with the engineer, the hotspot won’t interfere with the WiFi connection on the camera. We may troubleshoot the connection issue on other aspects.