Vacos Website feedback and thoughts

I got the email with the 20% off “site wide” and went to have a look; I have some feedback.
First, it’s not very intuitive. I see the regular cam and the SE listed, but apparently only the regular cam with 16GB onboard storage is available…is that correct? I can’t really understand the webpage. Is it the cam alone, or is it the package with the solar panel? It seems to suggest both, but it’s not clear.What about the 6 month battery life? Has anyone gotten anywhere near that? If not, I would suggest removing that, because people will want to return the cameras if they only last 3 weeks (10% of the promised battery life). Is this being improved in the new cam version?

Then there is the solar panel and silicone skin under accessories; I think that page looks okay, but should the solar panels be regularly listed, considering the current issues?
As for the entire layout, I think it’s very busy and could be cleaned up. Also, if you can have an English speaker (primary language) rewrite the English translation, it will be a much more professional presentation. The grammar is not so good.

What are the sales numbers so far? How many of each unit (Cam, SE, solar panel, silicone skin) were sold during the crowdfunding campaign, and how many have been sold since then?

I’m just curious. As this continues to move forward, maybe all of us could do more to promote the product. Obviously we would want to see a product that is little more polished and ready for our friends and family.

What are anyone else’s thoughts?