Vote for you Favorite Cover for Vacos Baby Monitor

Dear Vacos friends, we will launch our first baby monitor soon! And we would love to hear your voice! Vote your favorite skin and have a chance to win a FREE baby monitor when it’s available!


These are cute! Will they be interchangeable?

@daddydoitall Yeah. These are different ideas of interchangeable camera skin for the Vacos Baby monitor.

Have you announce the winners ?

Hi @puneetkum03
This post of voting doesn’t include a prize.
If you refer to the Emoji Day contest, the winner has been announced in the related post:

Hey Tim. Your original post kinda implies that voters will win a Vacos baby monitor when it’s available.

Hi @Penelopeamy My bad, sorry :sweat:. Will confirm the winner of this vote and announce it here soon.

Hi forum friends,

Thanks for joining in and choosing your favorite style of camera skin! This voting has finished successfully because of you :kissing_heart:

Here, we are glad to have @ndabar as the lucky winner of this voting, and the owner of a free Vacos baby monitor when available :clap: :clap: @ndabar We will send you an announcement email later.

Chances to experience Vacos products haven’t ended. We hope to see you guys again in the next activity :wink:

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Wow thank you so much, my wife will be delighted :clap: :clap:!
And it is in the perfect timing for keeping an eye in our baby girl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, just 3 weeks old!

Thank you again, it is great to have this kind of raffles!

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Congrats to you and your family

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Thanks a mil :+1:t3: :grinning: