Wifi connection range

Any tips or details on wifi range? I’ve got mine up outside less than 10m from my router, through a fairly thin external wall, and the connection keeps dropping out when I try to access a live feed.

Hi um5000,
The wifi range is about 10 meters indoors. While the signal can vary due to some extra factors, such as walls and the network environment (the more devices connected to same wifi or more wifi networks in the same area will make it complicated and may interfer with each others).
If needed, we can use try a repeater/extender to enhance the signal.


I think that you are wrong, I have mine on the wall in the garden. It is a brick wall, but I do have a wifi extender and still the camera signal is slow to load.

Hi Lee,
Thank for your comment :slight_smile:
No offense meant. If you put the camera next to your main router, could the camera load faster?
By the way, there will be a new firmware soon (should be within this week) fixing the recording loading issue. We can see if that’s the case.

Hi Tim,

I have one at the front of the house very close to my video doorbell which is battery powered, the doorbell loads quicker than the video camera.

The one in the garden connects to a wifi extender, I use my laptop in the garden to video call and this works quicker than the video camera.

No offence taken, but so many people mentioning it cannot be wrong

I see, thanks for the detailed information :slight_smile:
We will also review on the camera hardware (such as the antenna) by collecting more feedback from users.

My camera seems to work well at about an 80% WiFi signal at about 15 meters through a wall. It starts to fail when the camera reaches the red battery indicator.

Hi Robert,

Yes, the camera may not work properly with low power. Please charge the camera when you receive the low battery alarm from the camera.